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Dear member,

You probably have noticed that we are making some changes on We are working to make your experience on the site as enjoyable as possible. There are a few more updates coming in the near future. Please let us know what you'll like to see on the site and what you currently don't like. We are doing our best to keep this site the best African video community social network.

Please help us help you better by participating. Rate the videos, photos and everything else. Show us what you like and what you don't like; it help us bring you better videos, photos and other contents. We'll soon make setting up a picture for your profile mandatory, until then please choose one of the Avatar pictures we now have available on the site as you profile picture. We'll love it if you can upload your own picture, to make your make you profile unique.

Also setting up your profile by answering most (if not all) of your profile questions will let other people know you better. Who knows, you might make a few friends or even find the love of your life. We have visitor from every possible country on earth. Grab your chance to shine and stand out of the crowd.

You should also upload your own videos or other videos you find interesting. Show people how interesting and unique you are. We are implementing a POINT REWARD to thank members for their activities on the site. The more active you are the more point you'll get.

We are also thinking about implementing a chat feature on the site, but we are not sure if you want it. We have many features like "Shout Out", "Bulletins Board", "Forum" and many more that are not currently being used. Please let us know which ones you'll like us to keep, which ones we should get ride of and also if you want the new chat system. Just drop a note for the user "Admin" on the site or send a email to

Admin (at) jujunation (dot) com

Replace the "at" with "@" and the "dot" with "." and remove any space in the email address above. This to reduce spam.

We also want to apologize for the site being down for the past day or two. It was due to the updates being done. We appreciate all your patience and support.

We are looking forward to serving you better in the future.

Site Administrator

Missing mapouka Videos

Can't find your favorite mapouka videos? Try the Sexy channel. (last pages)

Mapouka Videos

To comply with legal Terms of Agreements, we have had to create a channel for Mapouka videos. You can click on the Mapouka tag, or click on the Mapouka channel to find all the Mapouka videos.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Help us by using Stumbleupon

Help spread the word by using Stumbleupon. Simply go to and download the Stumbleupon Toolbar. Register. After you have completed the registration by verifying you email, you can now vote on every video by clicking the "I like it" button that will appear on your browser. By doing that, you help us get the world out and at the same time share your favorite videos with the rest of the world. Thank you!!!!!!! Remember, the more you click "I like it" for every video you watch the more the word is spread, so click away!!!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Member Pages

Where are your pictures? Your member page is exactly like a Myspace page. You can post your pictures, invite your friends and do everything you can do on a Myspace page. Come on and post stuff, invite friends and send your page link to your friends. We are awaiting breathlessly. Please help us make this work.

Rate and comment on the videos !!!!!!

Come on guys, please rate and comment on the videos. If you watch something and you like it click once on the most stars you want to give it. If it is the worst thing you have ever seen click on the first star. Click on the fifth star to give it the ultimate five star rating. This helps other users to know what is good. You get only one chance so make it count

Don't be shy. Say what you think about the videos. Just click on "post comments" and say what is on your mind. Of course to do all this you must register first. It is simple, fast and painless

Thursday, November 01, 2007

JujuNation is off and running

JujuNation officially kicks off today starting what we hope will become the biggest African video and social site. We are proud to announce that all technical issues have been resolved and we are open for business. You can now upload your files with no problem. (See help section)


We cannot stress this enough. JujuNation will only work if you participate. You do this by registering, and uploading your videos and pictures to share with the world. We know by visiting other sites that Africans do upload pictures and videos. All we ask is for you to do the same here. Use the forums. Invite your friends. Simply send them your page link which can be found in the box on top of your member page. Don't be shy. Upload your pictures and videos.
JujuNation is open to all lovers of Africa. You don't have to be African to participate here. All are welcomed here. Visitors of Africa who would love to share their pictures and videos are warmly welcomed.

What we aim to become

If you help us, we hope to become the biggest African online site. We do not want to be a music video only site. We want all videos about Africa here. The latest news. Latest pictures. We want to become the place where Africa and the world goes to when something happens in Africa. For those on the ground in Africa, you can help by uploading clips taken straight from your local TV. New clips, sport clips, or any clips you feel would be great to share with not just the world, but your many African brothers and sisters living overseas. Takes pictures, shoot videos of Africa, shoot sites and places. Schools, parties, life, art and culture. The good, the bad, the ugly. The pain, the misery and the suffering, the wars. The exceptional beauty. Everything that show all the ups and downs of Africa. Become a journalist on the ground for us. Dust off you vacation videos and upload them. We mean all those of you who volunteered in Africa. Went to school there. Traveled across the continent to see its beauty. We welcome all pictures, videos and audio.

Thank you and hope to see your pictures and videos around. If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach us by:

Email: Webmaster (at) jujunation (dot) com

Replace the "at" with "@" and the "dot" with "." and remove any space in the email address above. This to reduce spam.